Specialty Show 27.5.2018

The Finnish Shih Tzu Club official Specialty Show Sunday 27.5.2018         finnish
Showplace address: Linnunlahdentie 5, 80110 Joensuu, Finland

Judge Carola Vorderstemann (Heydpark Shih Tzu), Germany

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I`m in the breed since 1966, when my mother bought her first Shih-Tzu ”Samten v. Tschomo-Lungma”, bred by Mrs Erika Geusendam in Lübeck, Germany. Since then I was taking part of breeding,
grooming and…  
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In show will be judged all official classes and puppies (age of 5-7m & 7-9m) and progeny class.
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Judge Carola Vorderstemann (vom Heydpark kennel), Germany
Judging starts at 12.00. The ring is next to the Suvi-Karelia no 1 ring. In national show shih tzut are in ring 1.

Classes and amounts:
Puppies 4 entries:
5-7months 2 entries
7-9months 2 entries

Males 14 entries:
Junior class 2 entries
Intermediate class 1 entry
Open class 2 entries
Champion class 6 entries
Veteran class 3 entries

Females 11 entries:
Junior class 3 entries
Intermediate class 1 entry
Open class 3 entries
Champion class 3 entries
Veteran class 1 entry

NOTE! Tents and cages should be placed in the marked areas. Please note that one side of the shelter is reserved for photography, so it is not allowed to place tents or cages there.

Laura Tukiainen
laura.tukiainen@elisanet.fi (email)

Specialty Show is organized in cooperation with Suvi-Karelia -national and international dogshows.
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