Virtuaalinen näyttely / Online show


Tuomari / judge: Eija Verlander, FI
Total 41 shih tzu

C.I.B. POHJ & FI & SE & DK & EE Ch JMV-14 EEV-16 Jo-Kin’s Wag That Ducktail
om. Seija Rantamäki
NORDIC & IS Ch ISJ Ch& RW-19 Ta Maria Athina
om. Kristinsdöttir Anja Björg , picture: Helga Kolbeinsdottir

The virtual Shih Tzu Show Comments

I thank the Finnish Shih Tzu Club for the invitation to judge this virtual ”Photo Show” – and most of all thank you all for supporting the Finnish Shih Tzu Club. As many of you do not know me, just short presentation: I got my first Shih Tzu in 1974, got passionately interested in the breed and was very active in the Breed Club for 30 years and was FCI judge for 20 years. I am always grateful to many experienced Shih Tzu breeders who guided me since the late 1970’s.  I have never bred dogs, but worked hard to share information and helped Finnish Shih Tzu breeders to acquire more English blood for their breeding. I was chair/member of the ST Club Breeding Committee which was an important channel to support new breeders and to arrange  breed seminars for new judge candidates and Club members. 

I see myself as member of the ”Old/Classic School” meaning that I respect the Breed Standard and see Shih Tzu as a family dog being able to live normal doggy life in spite of the long coat. The most important is the dog under the coat – not the grooming skills!

But now to the photos; very difficult to choose the winners as some photos are professional and some are taken from wrong direction. I decided to look for sturdy little dogs with correct balance and broad head.  So I have judged the dogs on the photos – NOT THE DOGS – no possibility to know what is  under the coat or how they would move! 

Eija Verlander

Tulokset luokittain / results by class


Pennut/Juniorit luokka – Puppy/Junior Class (2)

1. Lac-Me’s Fabulous Spookies @Nubos
owner Nina Boren  ja Sirpa Eronen
critique: G/w puppy of excellent type, sturdy, short legs, nice proportions and tail seems high, face not seen.
2. Lustica Iirikar Niilo
owner Ege Salumaa
critique: Dark brindle/w  standing free but on the photo seems to have bit higher legs. Nice face, broad muzzle and chin, dark eyes. Nice coat coming.

Avoin luokka – Open Class (14)

1. C.I.B. POHJ & FI & SE & DK & EE Ch JMV-14 EEV-16 Jo-Kin’s Wag That Ducktail
owner Seija Rantamäki
critique: Solid gold masculine dog, close to everything I love to see in a Shih Tzu, excellent breed type, well balanced top line with high tail. Broad head, wide set, full, dark & round eyes with aloof expression. Broad muzzle, open nostrils and correct chin. Beautiful coat. (Reminds me of the Finnish Shih Tzu in the 1990’s)
2. C.I.B. NORD & DK & SE &NO & BAL & LT & EE & LV & KLB & HU & DEVDH & DE Ch DKW’18 KBHW’18 LTW’19 KLBTW’19 DKJ & KLBJ & VDH & DE JCh Joy’s Fuoco Su Ghiaccio
owner Lotte Smed
critique: This photo is like a painting! A lovely, free standing, dark brindle /w  dog of correct breed type with ideal top line. Very attractive head, wide set eyes, broad muzzle, correct chin. Excellent tiptop coat – very eyecatching.
3. GB Ch Art Made Gene Kelly
owner Mrs S Cooke & Mrs M Hatten
critique: G/w masculine dog with melting expression. Seems to have nice top line and excellent high tail. Broad enough head, dark eyes, strong muzzle, correct nose and chin. In beautiful coat.
4. FI & LV & RU Ch EEJV-17 EEV-17 DEJV-17 JV-17 Jo-Kin’s All I Ever Wanted
owner Sirpa Eronen
G/w sturdy dog with short legs, excellent breed type. Broad round head, strong muzzle, eyes dark,  seems to have correct top line and nice tail, good coat quality. Standing free.
Reanelis It’s All Goodman
owner Marjut Hautanen
FI & EE & RU Ch TLNW-19 Jo-Kin’s Vodka Aston Martini
owner Sirpa Eronen
Spookies In Luke Skywalkers Dreams
owner Sari Tuomivirta
picture: Jarmo Ellilä
FI Ch Camelle Jolly Good Fellow
owner Jonna Taipale
FI Ch Jo-Kin’s What A Smartie Pants
owner Seija Rantamäki
FI & EE Ch LT & LV & EE JCh BALT JCh LVJV-18 BALTJV-18 Jo-Kin’s Darth Vader Is Not My Father
owner Sirpa Eronen
Spookies Dark Knight Dream
owner Veli ja Kirsi Hämäläinen
picture: Julia Isoviita
Ashmakin Bodacious Smooth For JaxTzu (IKC) JW ShCM ShCE
owner Jacky Moore
C.I.B FI & EE & LV Ch EEV-18 Art Made Paul Newman
owner Sari Wikström
Spookies Dreaming Of Jack Sparrow
owner Marja-Liisa Koponen

Veteraanit – veterans (over 8 years) (4)

1. FI & EE Ch Camelle Hope And Glory
owner Mirka Pekkalainen
critique: G/w masculine, sturdy dog, correct breed type, nice top line and high tail, standing free. Head is broad with excellent strong muzzle and chin. Eyes towards sun, but seem to be dark. Natural coat of good quality.
2. FI & SE & LT Ch HeVW-16 VV-18 Jo-Kin’s Kiss Me Close
owner Seija Rantamäki
critique: G/w dog of excellent breed type, beautifully balanced, head is broad enough, strong muzzle and open nostrils, good chin. Lovely coat, standing free.  
3. C.I.B. FI & EE & LV Ch DKVV-16 VV-16 DEVV-17 VV-17 HeVW-17 PMVV-17 Jo-Kin’s Kisser King
owner Jennika Orpana
critique: G/w dog of correct breed type, beautiful top line, nice tail, broad enough head with strong muzzle, wide set eyes (not quite open due to sun?),  good chin, underlip lacks a bit pigment. Lovely carriage, excellent coat. Standing free.
4. FI Ch Jolyan´s Never Say Never
owner Marjut Hautanen
critique: Fawn dog with beautiful coat,  very nice top line and high tail. Round head wide set dark eyes, strong muzzle, chin not showing well on the photo.


Pennut/Juniorit luokka – Puppy/Junior Class (7)
Very difficult to comment baby photos.

1. FI & EE & LT Ch JV-18 TLNJW-19 Jo-Kin’s Forget The Brain Use The Hair
owner Jennika Orpana & Ida Karesola
critique: Goldish/w beautiful junior lady with lovely high tail. Alert and feminine expression, dark, wide set eyes and broad muzzle and good chin. Beautiful coat, in tiptop condition.
2. Thaisu Gothig Witch
owner Sandra Cooke
critique: G/w short legged puppy with lovely warm expression. Dark, round eyes and good muzzle and chin, dark pigment. Tail looks to be high. A profuse coat coming on.
3. Bearsize Susie Wolff
owner Catarina Gustafsson
critique: a solid gold free standing junior bitch – not a good photo, but she has a lovely top line, high tail and seems to have a nice head – looks sound all over, feminine.
4. Aise Bijou Darcy Vargas
owner Elena Reznikova
critique: The colour looks  brindle/w, carrying herself well, alert expression, nice top line, beautiful coat.
Spookies Too Busy Being Fabulous
owner Nina Boren
Spookies Its Your World Now
owner Annika Larvanko
Lac-Me’s Molina
owner Mirka Pekkalainen

Avoin luokka – Open Class (8)
The best overall quality in this class – all participant were beautiful & of correct breed type! It was difficult to decide…

1. NORDIC & IS Ch ISJ Ch& RW-19 Ta Maria Athina
owner Kristinsdöttir Anja Björg , picture: Helga Kolbeinsdottir
critique: Free standing  solid gold bitch, feminine with high tail, carrying herself beautifully. Lovely expression, dark, wide set eyes, good muzzle and chin. Coat seems to be of excellent quality.
2. Bearsize Kajsa-Kavat
owner Catarina Gustafsson
critique: The stunning bitch on this photo runs directly to my heart. Her head is excellent, broad with wide set eyes, good muzzle and chin, lovely expression. The photo has caught the real attitude and temperament of this breed we all love. She has short legs, (unfortunately the photo shows only the front).
3. C.I.B. FI & DK Ch PMV-17 TLNW-19 Jo-Kin’s Second Seduction
owner Jennika Orpana
critique: G/w feminine bitch, not standing relaxed so the top line in not shown correctly – but she is of correct breed type and has lovely round head and seems to be full of Shih Tzu temperament. The coat is beautiful.
4. FI Ch Kim-Ono’s Zinnie Stardust
owner Marjatta Kiminkinen
critique: Very good photo of the most difficult colour – solid black. A very feminine bitch of correct breed type. Standing free carrying herself beautifully. Sweet expression, round head with well set round eyes, strong chin. Beautiful coat – looks to be of excellent quality.
Jo-Kin’s It’s Tea A’Clock
owner Eija Vesava ja Jennika Orpana
FI Ch Tellenmussukat Tähti Taivaan Hulda owner Nina Boren
FI Ch Jo-Kin’s Mitä Sä Huutelet
owner Sini Niiniviita
FI &EE Ch JV12 Jo-Kin’s Part Of Your World owner Sini Niiniviita



Söpöin kasvokuva – cutest head (3)

1. C.I.B FI & EE & LV Ch EEV-18 Art Made Paul Newman
owner Sari Wikström
critique: Strong, broad head with the most warm expression, frontally placed dark eyes (on the photo could be better shown). Broad muzzle with good nose and chin. Excellent pigmentation.
2. Spookies Dark Knight Dream
owner Veli ja Kirsi Hämäläinen
critique: Lovely bl/w head with a very focused expression. Wide set, frontally placed round dark eyes, broad muzzle with good chin, perfect pigment
3. C.I.B. POHJ & FI & DK & SE & EE & LV & LT & BALT Ch V-13 BALTV-14 KurzemeW-16 Besamano’s Follow Mee Guys
owner Sari Wikström
To me, this photo shows expression of a dog who has experience of  life. Short cut coat shows well the broad forehead, well set eyes and excellent dark pigment. Just love his calm & wise expression.


Söpöin kasvokuva – cutest head (3)

1. Tellenmussukat Joulusatu Spookies
owner Nina Boren
critique: G/w beautiful strong bitch head, broad, round, well set eyes and good muzzle and chin. Very dark pigment.
2. Besamano’s Come On ’N Kiss Me
owner Raija Polvinen
critique: G/w short cut hair but good head shape, wide set, dark and round eyes, broad muzzle and correct chin, excellent pigment, very feminine
3. FI Ch Kim-Ono’s Zinnie Stardust
owner Marjatta Kiminkinen
critique: Solid black, a sweet and feminine head – photo not showing both eyes, but they seem to be round and well set, correct chin.

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